Here’s my latest painting.  It is a portrait of commissioned by my friend Victor Moreno for his lovely girlfriend.  It was a real honor to get this commission, and I really enjoyed painting it.  While I was outside working with spraypaint, one of my neighbors came up to me and said “Hold kæft, det er flot!” Then she gave me a bottle of fresh squeezed apple juice… kinda random, and very sweet.  That definitely got my blood pumping in the bitter cold.

I was working from a reference photo, which had some rather cool color tones.  I decided to make the  painting very warm and full of passion.  The blue-orange complementary relationship is pretty dynamic, and of course, I had a blast adding some splatters for texture. Overall, I think it came out pretty sweet.

Untitled, 2011. Acrylic and spraypaint on canvas. 100cm x 120cm.

I love painting portraits, especially when I have some freedom to experiment with the method.  The mixed media technique with Acrylic and spraypaint (with some airbrushed acrylic as well) is really effective.  For years I refused to work with acrylic, and stuck to oils when I had to do any brushwork.  Lately I have been dabbling quite a bit with acrylics (See Words of Wisdom) and I have to say that they are growing on me.  The cleanup is definitely much easier as well.  With all that said, I think I am  due for another good size oil painting… as soon as I have the time!

Stay tuned… I have a lot of news coming up, including new videos for Mekkanine, new graffiti and street art workshops, and a huge entertainment room project at Big Bowl in Valby.  Busy is good!!!

Until next time, Peace and Progress…

Juse One