My name is Brandon Lewis. I write Juse One.

I work as a graffiti artist, filmmaker, poet, and educator.  I have painted graffiti in many places throughout the world, from New York, to California, Africa to Argentina. Like many artists, I began making visual creations at an early age.  As a child, comic book imagery flooded my field of vision, and the infinite possibilities opened by depicting superhuman beings fascinated and enthralled  me.  When I grew a little older however, my love for superheroes and comic books would be usurped by a new obsession.  While riding the school bus from the rural area of Sawkill into the semi-urban city of Kingston, NY, I discovered graffiti.  Seeing early Ewok pieces, and the remnants of walls and freights painted by Kingston crews like VAL and IOF injected a completely new aesthetic in to my consciousness.  Graffiti became the outlet for my every undefined urge, emotion, and fantasy.

After graduating from Kingston High School, I studied Visual Art at the State University of New York at New Paltz.  My time at New Paltz was brief; after 2 years of limited artistic growth, I left school in favor of full time work, and the pursuit of freelance art commissions.  In 2003, I displayed my work in my first gallery exhibition at Backstage Studios Productions in Kingston.  The show was entitled Genesis. It was a showcase of oil paintings and graffiti art done during the time I attended school, and throughout the summer of that year.  An untitled self portrait, purchased by my mother, Roxanne, was the first painting I ever sold.

In 2005,  I returned to Backstage Studios for my second art exhibition and first solo show entitled Synthesis.  The focus was a juxtaposition of oil painted portraits with graffiti letter forms.  The show was a success, and I was armed with a fresh sense of validation as an artist. Later that year, I went back to school with a renewed vigor for the arts and academics, and an ambitious agenda in mind: two degrees in two years.  By the end of 2007, I had an Associate’s Degree in Humanities from SUNY Ulster, and a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from Hunter College.

During my time in New York City and studying at Hunter, I discovered documentary film making.  After graduation, I shot and directed my first documentary, Beyond Gotham: Hip Hop in Upstate New York.  I also worked full time as a digital arts instructor with the Pearson Foundation.  This incredible experience afforded me the opportunity to fuse my love and passion for graffiti and poetry with my newly acquired skills in digital media production.  My students throughout New York City and the surrounding area continue to inspire me with the irreplaceable memories they have given me.

My time in New York also afforded me the chance to return to the gallery scene, with exhibitions in Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Miami.

In 2010 I moved to Denmark. Since relocating, my career as a visual artist has taken me on several great new projects, including two trips to Africa funded by the Danish Center for Culture and Development. While in Denmark I have also led workshops and given lectures and led workshops on urban art and hip hop culture all over the country.    In recent years I had the opportunity to  own a gallery and studio – Gotham Gallery in Nørrebro.  In 2013 I decided to close my gallery and pursue a master’s degree in Film  & Media.  Upon completing my degree, I have resumed my career as a full-time artist.