All photos by Kenneth Nguyen.

In the afterglow of northern Europe’s largest music and culture festival, I kindly beckon your attention once more to a fantastic little charity project that I and my good friend Per Vers are doing for the second year in a row at Roskilde Festival.  Once again, Per has been the host at Orange Stage.  Once again, we have collaborated to create a collection of stage clothing for him to where during his presentations, each piece inspired by the performers he introduced.  And once again, these unique pieces of clothing are now available on auction, and all the funds raised will go directly to benefit the Danish Refugee Council.

Per Vers on stage with Dizzy Mizz Lizzy inspired jacket. Photo: Kenneth Nguyen

Per Vers on stage with Dizzy Mizz Lizzy inspired jacket. Photo: Kenneth Nguyen

This year,  I had the unique privilege of also collaborating with high end fashion designers Sandra and Maria of Fors Nome. They created three  original haute courture designs for clothing in the Artwork Orange collection, each outfit inspired one of the performers on Orange Stage: Damon Albarn and the Syrian Orchestra, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and MØ respectively. Fors Nome has also created a limited run of tall t-shirts, which we had custom printed at Rootsshop. These shirts were then paired with Urban Classics jackets, donated by Run For Cover.

This year, all the auction funds raised will benefit the Danish Refugee Council.   This fantastic organization is especially focused on the refugee and migrant crisis in Europe – a crisis that has been exacerbated dramatically by the Syrian Civil War as well as conflicts in other regions.

Check out the Artwork Orange auction online here!

A huge thank you must be extended to the supporters of this project. Once again, Run For Cover have donated a massive collection of garments from Urban Classics to support Artwork Orange. The vast majority of the clothing used in Artwork Orange has come directly from Run For Cover, and they have had our backs in a tremendous way for 2 years in a row now. Thank you guys soooo much! This project would not be possible without you.


I gotta give a big shout out to my homies at Rootsshop.  They have been absolutely phenomenal to work with on the digital garment printing part of this project.  They took my digital artwork and applied them to the Fors Nome t-shirts flawlessly with beautiful color and crip print quality, AND they did so in super fast last minute rushes with no mistakes at all.  They’re incredible!!

"Rock Off" tshirt inspired by Tenacious D film Pick of Destiny. Photo by Kenneth Nguyen.

“Rock Off” tshirt inspired by Tenacious D film Pick of Destiny. Print by Rootshop. Photo by Kenneth Nguyen.

Last but not least, we must thank the artists who participated. Damon Albarn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, House of Pain, Tenacious D, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Scarlet Pleasure, and have all given this project their blessing by either being photographed with the clothing and/or autographing it.  Check out the auctions to see the clothing inspired by the Orange Stage lineup and see which pieces have been autographed by the performers. We have been tremendously fortunate to have these performers cosign Artwork Orange.  We hope that their added energy will result in a successful auction and a generous donation to the Danish Refugee Council.

House of Pain autographing the "HOP Rundt" Tshirt. Photo by Kenneth Nguyen.

House of Pain autographing the “HOP Rundt” Tshirt. Photo by Kenneth Nguyen.

Finally, I want to recognize the fantastic visual contribution by one of Copenhagen’s finest photographers, Kenneth Nguyen.  Kenneth took time out of his very busy schedule to join us for 4 days at the festival to take shots of Per Vers and the clothing and the performers at Orange Stage.  Feast your eyes on his lens work and check out all the outfits.

Alright folks, thank you for checking this out, and thank you for supporting this project! It has been a blast painting and designing all this musically inspired imagery.  I hope that it can raise some funds and do some good for the Danish Refugee Council (Dansk: Dansk Flygtning Hjælp.) Please share with your friends!!!
Let the bidding begin!