Man, it’s been a phenomenal experience this year at Roskilde Festival. My good friend Per Vers had the honor being one of the hosts on Orange Stage this year, and as always, he wanted to be dressed to impress for such a special occasion. Enter yours truly. Per came up with idea that I could paint 14 custom outfits for him to wear during his presentations, each one inspired one of the acts that would perform on Orange Stage. To up the ante, we would try to get each of these big stars to cosign the project backstage, either by being photographed with the outfit and/or signing the box in which we would package the clothing. After the festival we could auction the outfits off for charity. The folks at Roskilde Festival loved idea, and so, Artwork Orange was born.

Per Vers-Orange Stage-after Paul McCartney

Now, after a couple of months of planning, coordinating and designing, and 2 weeks of intense painting (along with my double duty as Roskilde Festival Graffiti Zone media team coordinator) we have reached the finish line! The 14 outfits have been on stage, the festival has concluded, and the auction has begun! Out of 14 performers, 6 of them have actually autographed and/or been photographed with their respective memorabilia from Artwork Orange:
The Minds of 99
Marie Key
Kendrick Lamar

We really appreciate the extra time these fantastic artists took to support the project and to support the auction. The auction is online now, and can make your bids here:

ALL proceeds from the auction will go to benefit Headspace, a fantastic organization that provides anonymous counselling for youths aged 12 – 25.

Photos from Artwork Orange:

See thumbnail gallery here.

Thank You to our sponsors:

An enormous debt of gratitude is owed to the official sponsors of this project,  whose generous contributions and support made Artwork Orange possible:

Run For Cover logo2
Urban Classics-logo





Personal Thank You’s:

I would personally like to send a huge shout out to to the folks at the graffiti camp who really had my back and supported me with all the troubleshooting, woodworking, communication, and moral support during the festival:

Martin Andreasen has been the go to photographer, and he has taken almost all the shots of the project from backstage.

Tobias Scavenius was the DP on our promotional video for Artwork Orange, which can be seen here:

Thank you Lars Pedersen, Henrik Hansen, Tinus Buus, Katja DeNeergaard, Ida La Cour Karottki, DJ Cars10, Olivier Burel, Christian Birkebæk, Bea Pántya, and finally, my wonderful wife Kathrine Lykke Øgendahl who painted all the Artwork Orange boxes!

Shout out to RUC FabLab who worked with me on lasercutting many of the my designs.  Special thanks to Marc Greve for extra hours in the lab!! Thank you!

Thank you Peter T Aagaard and Marie Pade Andersen for your support and encouragement during the intense labor!

Thank you Line and Sven from Gaffa for support on printing photos in real time during the performances!

Shout out to the people behind the scene at Orange Scene – Anders Wahren, Ditte Havelund, Louise Brunsgaard, and Anne Winther from Headspace for their excellent efforts on communication and reaching out to the performers and for setting up the online auction.

Finally, a huge shout out to Per Vers, who is always coming up with new ideas to challenge my creativity and bringing my work to new platforms and stages.  Thank you for your constant motivation and push brother. You make me a better artist.

Well, that’s all for now.  Thank you Roskilde Festival!! See you next year!!


Juse One