Entertainment room beforeMy latest commercial project was an entertainment room at Big Bowl in Valby, just outside in Copenhagen.  This was a pretty cool project, not only because of the end result, but more importantly, because of the design process.  I began  talking with Mikkel and Hakan about their goal for the entertainment room and the mood they wanted to set.  The room was originally used as a conference space, so it’s color scheme was very simple and quite appropriate for a corporate setting.  Since they had changed the function of the room from conferences and training to a space for party bookings, the room needed a major facelift to attract and impress their customers.  We decided to use a lot of warm colors in an abstract design that would make the room feel warm and exciting, and could be appropriate for any festive occasion.

After photographing the room, I came back to my computer, and began designing graphics that could loosely represent the kind of design I would apply to the walls.  The design elements were relatively simple: warm color gradients that blended reds, pinks, oranges and yellows, white halftone patterns, and large blue and yellow “brushed” lines that would span the lengths of the walls.  Here are a few of the digital sketches.

After taking the time to create a rough digital sketch of the aethetic I wanted to achieve, I thought it would be nice to see what the room would actually look like if the design were in place.  Now, I’m no interior designer, and I am certainly not an architect.  However, at one time, I actually was really interested in being an architect. Way before I ever picked up a spray can, I knew my way around a t-square and triangle, and I even took an architectural drawing class in high school.  Now those skills really came in handy when I got the idea in my thick skull to try and create a 3D model of the entertainment room that I was about to paint.


Enter Google SketchUp, the free drafting and 3D design program from the nice folks at Google.   With these digital sketches complete, I created a 3D model of the entire room and hallway, and applied my designs to the model to get a rough visual picture of what the space would look like.  Here are a few of the basic 3D renderings I created using Google Sketch Up.big-bowl-hallway big-bowl-entertainment-room-side-wall-copy big-bowl-entertainment-room-from-far-left-copy

After viewing my model from several angles, I made a quick animated walk through of the model.  I used this animation to demonstrate what it would be like to walk into the entertainment room from the hallway entrance to the center of the room.  Showing the video to Mikkel and Håkan got them very excited about the painting…. that reaction was exactly what I hoped for.

Finally, here is an image gallery of the entire project, from start to finish.