All photos by Nikolai Irinov Photography

Graffiti in a church? Check.

One of the most important works of art in my entire career is the new altar piece at Brorsons Kirken. In collaboration with my good friend, architect Tue Bondo Arentoft, I had the marvelous opportunity to create this large scale graffiti triptych, complete with custom built framing, vintage hinges, and hand painted calligraphy.

The central motif is a graffiti piece that says “God Is Love.” The scripture which contains this actual phrase in the Bible is 1 John 4:8, which reads “He that does not love does not know God, because God is love.”  While the center piece says “God Is Love” in English, the side panels contain the beginning of the scripture, in Danish on the left side and in Arabic on the right side.  In effect, the side pannels begin the scripture in these respective languages, and the center panel completes the message.

Read my interview in Politiken (Danish) here!

If you live in Copenhagen or you’re just passing through, check it out in person… it’s a beautiful space in which to see a graffiti altar piece, and it’s a wonderful atmosphere to experience.  But for now, enjoy the photos above!

Well, stay tuned… lots of new goodies are coming up in 2014!