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Orange Stage. Photo: Kenneth Nguyen

Artwork Orange 2016

Artwork Orange is back! In the afterglow of northern Europe’s largest music and culture festival, I kindly beckon your attention once more to a fantastic little charity project that I and my good friend Per Vers are doing for the second year in a row at Roskilde Festival. This year, all the auction funds raised will benefit the Danish Refugee Council.


Instagram: LOVE from Croydon

I was out painting in Croydon with @tizerid and @bronkrhc back in November, I put a little LOVE on the wall and I’ve been getting lots of LOVE back from folk in the Cronx ever since!


Instagram: Turn On Notifications!

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that Instagram has changed their news feed functionality to be algorithmic rather than chronological. Major brands and celebrities will have nothing…


Instagram: A little collection of my latest works was display last night at @domeofvisions for @aishafukushima 'sThe Cypher EP release party. Thank you all so much do a splendid evening!


Instagram: Prints and t-shirts coming out this weekend!


Instagram: Sneak Peek From The Workshop!

New works will be on display Saturday, March 26th at the Dome of Visions in Copenhagen!

Juse One_LOVE Tshirt

Instagram: Another T-shirt drops this Saturday!!#DOITFORTHELOVE

Brand new LOVE T-shirt will be released this Saturday, March 26th! Available for presale now!


Instagram: Now available for pre-sale: “Basic Skills” Handstyle AlphabetT-shirt!

Brand new T-shirt dropping this Saturday! Official release at Aisha Fukushima’s The Cypher EP release party¬†Dome of Visions. Facebook Event:¬† Pre-order now! Check the webshop for details!


Instagram: Warm-ups on the whiteboard #alphabet


Instagram: Latest LOVE wall with @thecheekyfactory on those characters! #everybodyspreadlove