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Orange Stage. Photo: Kenneth Nguyen

Artwork Orange 2016

Artwork Orange is back! In the afterglow of northern Europe’s largest music and culture festival, I kindly beckon your attention once more to a fantastic little charity project that I and my good friend Per Vers are doing for the second year in a row at Roskilde Festival. This year, all the auction funds raised will benefit the Danish Refugee Council.


Med LOVE Skal Lande Bygges

“With LOVE shall nations be built…” My last project of 2015 was a mural for INSP!, a youth run culture house in Roskilde, Denmark.  My good friend Peter…

Juse, w/ FUA, ArtBasel Miami

Art Basel 2015

Just got back from Art Basel in Miami, and man… Wynwood was just jam packed with art.  A lot of heavy hitters came through, as well as host…

Character by Gore; Latte fist of power... FUADIDAZ

New FUA Production with Gore

Just got back from Trollhattan, Sweden where I painted with my FUA Krew bretheren, Gore. We whipped up a classic two man production with original characters and background,…

Tunnel Visions: Gandhi. Herlev, Denmark. 2013.

Urban Art: Course Plan

UPDATE:  24-3-15 | kl. 17.45 Here is a link to the Facebook Group: Feel free to share pictures and sketches in the group, and stay in touch over…

Per Vers x Juse One x Route 66: DUM Limited Edition Single LP

What’s good yall. Yo, I have been ridiculously busy the last 2 months… but good things have come out of the chaos. The latest project has been a…

Brorsons Kirke Altar Piece

Copenhagen TrenzWalk with JuseOne

My newfound homie Mikel Cirkus came through Gotham Gallery a few weeks back (while it was still open!) and brought along about 30 really nice folks on a…