Hey hey hey!

I just finished a fast and fun wall in Hørsholm with some good friends. The lovely and talented Stine Hvid organized a crew including Name1, Reks and Crem from Furious Styles Crew, and of course, yours truly.  Free hands, free wall on a busy walking street made for a delightful morning and afternoon.  Thank you so much to Charlotte from Kaffesalonen for the warm welcome, hot coffee and breakfast.

Check out the photos below:

Panorama of the full wall by Reks:


Had a blast painting with these good folks, and I hope we get to link up again soon!  Be sure to follow everybody on Instagram for more dope artwork:




And on top of all that, the local paper showed us some love – check out the write up we got in Ugebladet! (in Danish)

That’s all for now…. but keep your eyes peeled for some serious dopeness coming straight outta Trollhättan, Sweden! Me and my FUA Krew bretheren Gore are getting busy! Stay tuned!