All photos by Nikolai Irinov Photography

Just finished this fun little wall out in Ringsted the weekend before last… what a blast.  My homie GrayOne hooked me up with a dope indoor spot, a generous supply of paint, and free hands to create whatever I wanted.  What more could I ask for! Especially in the cold weather like we’ve had lately, an indoor spot can be a dream come true!

Do It For The Love from Juse One on Vimeo.

The location is MDF Dans in Ringsted.  Since they’re a dance school that teaches a bit of street and hip hop, I felt like some bright colors and lots of light effects would be a good fit. Rather than paint my name, I chose to do a graffiti piece that says “Do It For The Love.” I’m beginning to like painting phrases… especially clear concise messages that mean something to folks. (See also Brorsons Kirken.)  I’ve been dying to try out some different fill techniques and effects, and experiment a bit… and I also want to keep improving on what I already feel comfortable with… so I threw in the portrait of the baby and a few characters for fun.  Yes, that’s the baby from the cover artwork of Ready To Die.

Well, that’s enough yapping from me. Enjoy the photos and video shot by my homie Nikolai Irinov… I took a quick turn at editing a few clips together.  It turned out alright! This wall was a blast to do, and I really appreciate Gray and Niko stayin up late to put in work with me on this.  Big thanks to Sadolin in Ringsted for all that purple background paint, and a huge thank you to MDF Dans for giving me free hands to paint their walls! Good looking out!

I’m feeling good… feeling inspired. I think 2014 is gonna be one to remember.  Check back soon… there will be silkscreen prints, graffiti on tiles, live painting at fashion week, and trips to Sweden! Stay Tuned!