A quintessential tradition in graffiti culture is for seasoned writers to pass down style, technique, and history to eager newcomers. The figure of speech “each one teach one” was a guiding principle in the early days of New York City graffiti. With this philosophy in mind, Juse One offers a portfolio of lectures and workshops that can be delivered in variety of educational settings, from gymnasiums and ungdomskoles to højskoles and universities.

Graffiti Art: Presentation and workshop
Graffiti is, if nothing else, a culture of style. This presentation and workshop introduces students to graffiti art and culture and offers an introductory hands-on experience in this unique and captivating art form. The workshop can be adapted for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Hip Hop Culture: Presentation and Discussion
Hip Hop is a global phenomenon that can be found in virtually every city on earth. This lecture investigates Hip Hop’s origins, its unique relevance and relationship to the urban environment, and its evolution into the current 21st century cultural paradigm. A discussion follows the presentation.

Fine Art Fundamentals: Practical workshop
For burgeoning artists, eager hobbyists, or curious enthusiasts, this workshop is an opportunity to learn vital skills used by real world professionals and freelancers practicing in fine art. Principles of design, color theory, drawing and painting techniques as well as canvas preparation and an overview of mediums and materials are among the essentials covered in this visual arts workshop.

Web Building Basics: Presentation and workshop
In the 21st century, the internet has transformed the way the world works. In virtually every industry, knowledge of the internet and how to utilize the web effectively are invaluable skills. Understanding the basic building blocks of web pages and how to create and publish a website are covered clearly and simply in this presentation and practical workshop. Basic HTML, CSS, and other markup and coding are introduced. WordPress is also presented as a highly effective and user-friendly way to publish a website or blog and manage online content.

Digital Art and Design: Practical workshop
For graphic designers, multi media artists, animators and visual effects artists, using a computer is the key to effectively creating visual content. For the vast majority of digital arts, a solid foundation Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is a necessary prerequisite. This practical workshop introduces these industry standard graphics applications, presents their real world functions and uses, and provides students with the opportunity to experiment and create their own works with some newly acquired skills.

Video Production: Presentation and practical workshop
The technology of the 21st century has democratized the means for     producing video in unprecedented fashion. Introducing the fundamental concepts of audio visual media, this workshop provides students with the unique opportunity to produce video content with accessible tools and software. Video camera and sound recording basics, editing techniques, and authoring and production methods are discussed and practiced.

Media Literacy: Presentation and Lecture
Media literacy is a relatively new concept for many, and a completely one foreign to others. However, in today’s world of Facebook and the 24-hour news cycle, it is a critical part of social interaction and active citizenship. This presentation and discussion delves into the unique characteristics of modern media, how it affects our society, and what implications our current media environment may have on the future.

Poetry and Spoken Word: Presentation, workshop and performance
Poetry is the creative application of language to express emotions, ideas, and feelings. When poetry is spoken out loud, it becomes an entirely new experience for both the author and the audience. This workshop introduces students to spoken word as a unique format for language and powerful means of self expression. Emphasis is placed on originality and experimentation. The workshop is followed by a live performance by Brandon along with students who would like share their work.

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