First Piece of the Season

Brand new Juse One piece at the Sydhavn graff spot in Copenhagen.

Just got back from downtown after finishing my first piece in 2010.  The spot in Sydhavn (South harbor) is pretty dope.  Every wall is covered, and there’s a lot of productions.  And if I have anything to do with it, there will be a whole lot more.

I’ve been experimenting in my blackbook with a kind of hybrid style for pieces.  Essentially the idea is to mix the 2d and 3d styles. Today, I did a solid fill  beveled edge 2d piece with a 3d letter, which in this case is the “S”.  Today was really just a quickie – I painted for about 2 hours in total before it got too dark, hence the flash in the photo.  Tomorrow I’m heading back down to get better flicks in the daytime, and after that, I plan to do a full one-man production with a fully detailed 3d wild style piece with all my trademark goodies.  Stay tuned!

Peace & Respect,

Juse One