I have been given the honor and privilege of working  as the team Graffiti and street artist on the 2010 GAM3 street tour. So far we have stopped in Vollsmose, Horsens, Aarhus, and we are currently in Aalborg for three days.  I have been having the time of my life seeing so many different places in Denmark and meeting new people everyday.  I have been painting everyday  and more importantly sharing the fundamentals of graffiti with young people all over the country.Long line at Horsens

A nice long line formed for the Graffiti workshop I taught in Horsens.  I love kids, and I love teaching them what I do.

Letter style workshopThere’s nothing more fun for me than to watch youths experiment and discover the fun and beauty of graffiti.  I think I’m learning just as much as they are in the process, not to mention picking up some more words in the Danish language.  Since I only get to spend a few hours at each location on the tour, I thought it would be a good idea to make some of my teaching tools available on JuseOne.com.  So, I have decided to add the Graffiti 101 page to the About section of my website.

In the mean time, I’ve got pulled muscle to nurse and I need to get some rest before tomorrow.  We’ll be spending our last day here in Aalborg before heading south toward Herning.  I’ll update again in the next couple of days.  As always, stay tuned!

Peace & Respect,

Juse One

To learn more about GAM3 and urban sports, check out http://www.gam3.dk/