Photographer: Casper Lundemann

What’s up everybody.  I’ve got some free time this morning, so I thought, why not catch up on my website posts.  Here’s a few flicks of the pieces I’ve done while on the GAM3 Street Tour over the last month.  I have traveled all over Denmark with this organization, from Copenhagen to Aalborg and everywhere in between, teaching graffiti, doing pieces, and making customized t-shirts for kids of all ages. We have had a blast, and I feel so privileged and honored that I was able to be a part of something so positive.  If you don’t know about GAM3, check them out here: www.GAM3.DK.

And now for the flicks:

More to come, I guarantee it.  Check back for a final update on the GAM3 Tour next week, when we wrap up in Copenhagen.

Peace & Respect always,

Juse One