Just dropped  a couple of new pieces this week, and man, it feels so good to be back in the groove.  I’m going to experiment a little more and expand my style arsenal.  No limits… that’s the goal. Take a look at the flicks, and stay tuned for more.



I’ve been messin’ around with fluorescent colors to highlight parts of the piece.  It’s interesting… the appearance in person is far more dramatic in person than in the flicks.  Bottom line, having some Shock White (or any bright white, like the old Krylon Ultra White) is still crucial for the bright  highlights in a piece.  But I’ll keep experimenting.  Gotta give props to my homie Bates for bringing me to the spot in Roskilde.  We had a good time out there and dropped some nice burners. I’m looking forward to rocking with him some more in the near future.

Alright kids, I’m out for the night, but I’ll be back again tomorrow.

Peace & Respect,

Juse One