What up folks!
Here’s a quickie from a couple of weeks ago, just before my recent work trip to NY. I got up with some dope writers I met out at Roskilde Festival – FSC and Letter Benders crew from Copenhagen. Good looking out yall! It was a fun time, and we definitely need to link up again ASAP.

From left to right: Debut, Juse One, Damn, Reks, Kets, and Meso

A little close up of my piece:

Check out the Letter Benders website for flicks of all the pieces.  Kets website has a dope image browser as well withvery nice “click and drag” views of connectors.

Shout outs to my homies Omek and Akts from Kingston – I’m sorry I was so busy working  in Jersey last week and I couldn’t make it upstate to see yall. Big Ups to FUA Krew, and the Rochester BBoy BBQ coming up next weekend August 5th and 6th!!!

Much respect to my homies Damn, Reks, Debut, Kets and Meso!  Good rockin with you gentlemen, and I will see you again soon.