Welcome to the Words of Wisdom Online Gallery.

Words of Wisdom is my latest collection of paintings, currently on display at Nørrebro’s illest new cothing boutique, Slam! located on Jægersborggade.

Without Forgiveness...

“Without forgiveness, there can be no future.”

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu

The concept for this body of work is to use graffiti writing as a visual representation of wisdom; some of the most memorable figures of speech, quotes and words within human language and culture have been chosen as the basis for each individual work of art.  The abstract backgrounds with luminous focal points are primarly representative of the miasma of human consciousness – the mental realm of human thought, emotion, memory, and interpretation –  which is a space of relative darkness  punctuated by instances of light, or in this case, ideas, truths, knowlege and wisdom.

Words of Wisdom will be on display at Slam! through February 2011.

Slam Urban Fashion & Art Gallery

Jægersborggade 5 kld.tv
2200 Copenhagen N.