Welcome to the all new JuseOne.com

Well, this is it. Finally, I have a new website full of content and constant updates. If you have been to JuseOne.com in the past, you have seen an extensive image gallery that displayed a broad variety of my work in visual art. Everything from mural productions to custom sneakers and body art was on display. However, the old site was purely a showcase for static visual art, which is one major area of creativity that I work in, but certainly not my only discipline. Now, thanks to my partner in crime CRO at Static Air and the development community of WordPress, the new JuseOne.com is a complete platform for everything I have to offer.

First of all, the artwork section is my portfolio of graffiti walls, fine art, and commercial work. I’m currently working on some commission pieces, and I’ll be documenting the process and progress in my blog, the News section. I’ll also be writing updates as I make progress on my two new painting projects: Heroes, and Sapientia. In the mean time, check out some of my older pieces, and some of the newest work that I finished in late 2009.

Poetry is a new section for JuseOne.com. It’s a sample collection written words and lyrics I’ve composed over the years. Video is another new addition to the site. I’ll be showcasing a portfolio of my video editing, directing, and effects work. Stay tuned for updates to both of these sections in the very near future.

Until next time, enjoy!

Peace & Respect,
Juse One