“With LOVE shall nations be built…”

My last project of 2015 was a mural for INSP!, a youth run culture house in Roskilde, Denmark.  My good friend Peter Bensted of World Wide Walls asked me to help create a new mural for on the exterior of the INSP! facility that would welcome people from all over, and give a much needed face-lift to the previous wall paintings.

We had a sit down with some locals and planned the mural, and came up with the idea to use a classic quote, but put a twist on it.

This new mural in at INSP! uses a familiar play on words to Danish people.  The inscription atop the courthouse in Copenhagen says:

“MED LOV SKAL MAN LAND  BYGGE” (With law shall a nation be built.”)

Coincidentally, the Danish word “lov” (English: law) when made plural is spelled “love.”  The obvious double-entendre has been used before by hip hop group Organiseret Riminalitet.

You can see some progress shots on the the local newspaper, SN.dk.

"Med LOVE skal lande bygges," Roskilde, Denmark.

“Med LOVE skal lande bygges,” Roskilde, Denmark.