Check it out! This past weekend, I had the esteemed pleasure and honor to do a really fun and unique project for Mixed Ape Music, one of Copenhagen’s truly dope music labels. Label boss Per Vers asked me to produce a set of 3 custom painted boxes for vinyl records. Each box would enclose a collection recently pressed vinyls from his label mates Exampler, Terry Tester, and KrisWonTwo & Nappion, and they would be given away to 3 lucky audience members during label night at Vega this past weekend.
And so began the production of the “Monkey Boxes”!
Check out this video from KrisWonTwo recorded at my studio at Gotham Gallery!

After making the Monkey Boxes, Per called me again with yet another idea – custom painted Tshirts (and one custom painted dress) for his Ego Tour crew mates. He already had some fantastic varsity jackets made with unique logos for himself and for each of the artists joining him on the tour – DJ Static, Nappion, and Ayoe Angelica.
So, just in the nick o’ time, I managed to crank out some stenciled shirts with the logos done in a bit more painterly style, which I think is a nice contrast to the clean, sharp, and graphic embroidery on the jackets. Anyway, check them out here:

We had a blast this weekend at label night. My wife took some great shots of the the crew on stage rocking the gear I made, and I have to say, it was a proud moment!! Big shout out to Per Vers, DJ Static, Terry Tester, Exampler, Nappion, KrisWonTwo, Blacc El, and Ayoe! Thank you all for inviting me along for such a dope show. I’m looking forward to working with Mixed Ape Music again in the near future.
See you all next time.