Here’s a couple of new joints I dropped at the Roskilde festival location.  I had limited time to rock, but for a good reason – I had to hop on a flight to New York as soon as I got done!  Now that I’m here in the Empire State for a few weeks, I’ll definitely be producing with my FUA bretheren.  Stay tuned for some new flavors… in the mean time, peep these:

Roskilde Tunnel

Skate Park

A huge thanks to Lars for organizing the graffiti and inviting me to rock at the festival.  Good looks!!!  It was really an honor to participate, and I’m definitely looking forward to next year.  When I get back to Denmark, I’ve got some work to do  and a lot of walls to paint.  Just gotta keep it moving and maintain the momentum.

As always, stay tuned.. more to come next week.


Juse One