These are days of tumultuous struggle and painstaking agony

These are mornings where heartbeats are rhythmic daggers stabbing me

These are nights of tears, wondering, doubt, heartbreak and regret.

This is life, and I relish in the fact that is hasn’t ended yet.

Though pages in my personal existence volume are still being written

Though I ponder the epistemological nature of my metaphysics

Though I know now that I really know not a thing and never did,

I believe life must continue, whether or not I want to live it.

And it goes on for us all, whether we choose to live or die

And there’s only today to live, that we all should recognize

And life itself is precious; seize the day, forget regret;

And relish in the fact that life still hasn’t ended yet.

These are days of life; they last but for so short a time

So let’s relish in the fact you and I are still alive.

Written February 13, 2006

Dedicated to Professor Tom Davis.

Thanks for your wisdom and inspiration.

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