Part two… Myrtle and Broadway…
Broadway looks a lot different in Brooklyn.
On the real son, there ain’t no skyscrapers,
No highly paid business men rockin khakis and blazers
Pregnant woman constantly strugglin up the subway steps
with a baby carriage to carry the baby that ain’t big enough to walk yet
Cause see in Brooklyn, we live beneath the elevated train, as if the MTA
were to say “Yall niggas is below subterranean.”
Gettin paid is HARD. Gettin paid to work Hard.
Don’t dream too much nigga, just play yo fuckin part.
Don’t start, like streets lined with post collision parked cars
Sidewalk stacked and packed with 6 foot tall piles of garbage,
but I “heart” this.  I love Brooklin, if though I just met her,
And despite her reputation, I promise to never let her
break me like broken man number 666
Drinkin his days away cause its too hard to exist,
Now I’m pissed, cause the third time they hit me this parking ticket
for blockin the street sweeper, but both sides of the street are still covered with litter, so how you figure?  But its okay..
I’m gettin off this Goddamed street.
Goin’ to bed to lay my head, so I can wake up and repeat.