Part three…back to my old beats and home streets at
Andrews and Broadway…
That’s where you find Kingston High School
Back when Juse used to write “Ilmob” in every single one of the boys bathrooms
In a simpler time and a simpler place. What happened?
Now 15 year old kids sling coke out of the same bathrooms.
And every graduate and they mama is an alcoholic too
Traded in their daily cafeteria seats for their favorite barstool
Me included. But I remember…A life that was much better
back in like 1997, Jerk Magnet’s Seven Minutes in Heaven,
and we had original hometown hardcore from Slugworth…
Back before Emo and hipster punk, back when the music didn’t suck,
and dudes didn’t rock pants make for girls.
Now the hometown rock heroes supplement success with chemical lies
Codependents don’t heed warnings, poppin pills ’til their dreams die.
Those that lost sight, day by day they lose their lives
Injecting the chemical fantasy to take away their failed tries.
We have no heroes… just Heroin.  Or whatever substance abuse.
Come on Kingston. I’m tired of this constant wannabe but can’t do nothin’ attitude…
Yous refuse to pay your dues
while the whole world goes on without you.
This is home. All the way from Broadway to Albany avenue.
Despite elitist dual high school proposals and corrupt city officials.
Keep Rolling Meadows safe from Frankin St and Van Deusen
Keep them ignorant niggas in midtown shootin, boozin and abusin..
Don’t be fooled. I love you Kingston, but some things need to change.
Please wake up.  Lets make up, get on our feet and maintain.