I AM an American Black Man
Impassioned by Black Action
And I watch my people struggle all their lives
just trying to gain traction
Dear old Uncle Sam,
Still trying to control the world’s land
He’s buckling at the knees
and he wants me to help him stand
I turn my back, I turn again,
Get right up in his face and laugh at him
Then I grab my Truth Hammer,
take one last look and smash him
Bash his face in
then grab is dead Brother’s whip and lash him.
An I.O.U. for 40 Acres and a Mule?
Well now it’s time to cash in.
I don’t owe you shit Uncle Sam.
You’re the one in debt.
You can’t believe I want you dead?
Well what the fuck did you expect?
You built your wealth on Black men’s backs
and let your Brother stretch their necks!
I don’t owe you shit Uncle Sam!
Don’t send your tax man down here to collect.
You killed my father, raped my mother
And then molested me.
And now you want to tax my income?
I should hang you from a tree!
Just like all those Black corpse ornaments
that adorned scenes of Southern Gallantry.
I’ll leave your pathetic penniless rotting carcass
Just ‘a swaying in the breeze.
Military service? You want to put me in your command?
Put a gun in my hand and send me to kill
some poor man out in the sand?
I don’t owe you shit Uncle Sam!
You’re rotten to the core!
You enslaved my whole family for not one century,
not two, not three, but four!
Sent Baby Abe to “free” us,
but that’s not what you had in store…
Cause the next century you left us
in the clutches of your Brother Jim Crow!
Beatings, rape, lynchings,
little White’s Only signs above the doors.
Ku Klux ignited crosses,
firebombed Black homes and Black stores
And Black Churches, leaving 4 little charred
Black bodies on the floor
Discrimination, institutionalized racism,
But wait… just wait… there’s more.
Segregated Army units
that served in two World Wars
Wouldn’t allow black kids in your schools
Until Brown vs. The Board
Government housing projects, heroin,
Crack cocaine, Welfare Reform
Criminal Justice Re-enslavement of Black men
Severing the Black family’s spinal cord
You broke the black economy’s back
And now you wonder why we’re poor!
Equal Opportunity?
What the fuck you lying for?
Your Declaration has been fulfilled,
Against Black men you’ve won your war.
The chickens have come home to roost.
Now it’s time for you to get yours.
You dare to ask for an explanation?
You dare to ask me why?
Well I don’t owe you shit Uncle Sam!
Now Die! Die! Die!