When I look at you, I feel inspired again
Dear sweet and honorable beautiful person
When I view the lines that compose your form
My mind and body react in a sensual thunderstorm
You look like an angel when you walk, I hear cherubic choruses
as you float just high enough above the earth that each footstep
barely graces the ground with your glorious gorgeousness
As your hips sway my visual away,
You release pheromonal magnificence from your pores ‘n’ shit,
My heart beats >baboomp< harder like >baboomp< Bass from my core and this This feeling I'm feeling must be the heaviest crush groove That moves and soothes my soul with truths Of L-O-V-E as I see This radiant creature standing before me, Feeling inspired enough that it makes me want to sing *And it's like Baby, I need you , I want you so badly* Feeling this from my balls to my bones, From the back of my brain to my frontal lobe As my eyes size the prize that is you. Your visible virility venerates my view, And it’s like * ooohhhh oooh ooh ooh ooh oooohhh* And I am blown away by you This commenced as a crush, then grew into lust, But now I want to love you like doves do, Forever and a day Holding nothing away or above you, Cause this is real, more tangible Than any contrived concept the world has to offer... Cause when I look at you, I feel like painters do When they view the sunsets that serenade their brushes Across the canvas of love, The greatest act humankind could ever dream of, So trust when I say that you move me to states of exquisite, ethereal ecstasy... I want to love you from the tip of your footprint To your very last hair follicle, And in between, I'll caress every last molecule. I'll treasure you, like earth's most precious gemstone, *I want to rock with you....all night…* You're shining so bright, The most precious light of my life; it’s you. This is everything I wanted to say, From the very first moment on the very first day, Cause I realized right from the start... You are the one who holds the key to my heart.