Juse One at Det Poetiske Bureau: Home from Juse FUA on Vimeo.


I cried today… and I will cry a thousand times more.
Ten million lost souls ripped away from home
Beaten, brutalized, bludgeoned to broken bone
The pain of 400 years wells up right into my throat
And I struggle in vain to push the words out through my lips
Searching for some semblance of relief, of peace, and I release
This breath I have been clinging to.
I cried today because before today
I did not and could not realize
That I have been missing this for my entire life
This disconnection, and yearning to reconnect
This adoptive parent doesn’t want me,
So I’d best go somewhere else
I am just one of millions of lost souls
Searching for a sign
To lead me through this intricate maze
Of history and time
Ten generations removed,
Wandering child of Zion
Begging and pleading for a truth
That I can rely on
We are the lost flock of the homeland
We are called African Americans
We are the black descendants
Of Kings, of Queens,
Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island,
Of Africans
We are the unwanted, stolen, not adopted
Former workhorses of western economics
Abused and disenfranchised
By this bipolar baby snatcher
That attempts to blind our eyes
Mesmerize, hypnotize, and anesthetize
The wound that pours out crimson tides
Like tears that have and continue to
Pour out from our eyes
And still and still it tries
To hide the truth with lies
But the truth that’s in our blood
Our skin, and our marrow
Cannot be denied
It is the spirit of our forefathers
That touches all our lives.
And that spirit calls for all its lost children
Who come to recognize
That through pain, and screams, and cries
And lies, and weeping eyes
That no matter how savagely
Man attempts to victimize
Rape, pillage, plunder, kill or colonize
We are still here
Because that spirit never dies.