In March, I collaborated with Københavns Museum on a special exhibition. In conjunction with their project called VÆGGEN (“THE WALL,”) an outdoor interactive image archive, I curated two multimedia exhibits for the glass montages on each end of the wall. In the first of these montages, a portrait I painted of the legendary DJ Static is on exhibition. Below is a timelapse video which shows the creation process from start to finish.

Dopeness: DJ Static Portrait Timelapse from Juse One on Vimeo.

This portrait is the latest complete work in the Dopeness series, to which I will add more pieces very soon. It’s also the last painting I completed in my studio at Gotham Gallery before closing in April. (Sigh.) I’m looking forward to delivering this piece to DJ Static personally when the exhibition ends in June. In the mean time, stay tuned for new works, murals, and colaborations.

Coming up next: Dusting off the spraycans – my first Juse One graffiti piece in a very long time!