What’s good everybody.

It’s that time of year again.  Lights on the houses, music in the air, decorations in the windows… and thousands upon thousands of shoppers filling the corridors and walkways of malls, stores and shopping centers.  You’ve seen it all before. You’ve bought it all before… and I’m sure you’re ready for something new.

Here’s an idea: Buy art. Buy real, original art from actual artists who make new things for a living. Not cheap photocopies in crappy frames, and not mass produced prints sold in big box furniture stores. Actual handmade, hand sprayed paintings, sculptures and limited prints produced by real artists.

Don’t think you can afford a real painting? I bet you can! My good friends Mads Sonne and Martin Falch-Schmidt and I have put together a year-end one night only exhibition in Copenhagen that is full of high quality original works at very affordable prices. Come through to Raw Kunst I Huset, (Raw Art In The House) at Råhuset, and check out all the real art you can buy and real world prices.  We’ve got something for every budget.

Sneak peek from my new studio: New works in progress to be revealed at the show!

Sneak peek from my new studio: New works in progress to be revealed at the show!

The event is on Facebook. If you’re in the Copenhagen area on Thursday, do me and you a favor and stop by.   I promise, it will be worth your time, and I guarantee that myself and my fellow artists have got some goods you can’t get anywhere else. Come before 20.00 and get in for free!

Spread the word and see you Thursday night!

Raw Kunst I Huset

Thursday, December 1st, from 18.00 – 22.00

Råhuset: Onkel Dannys Plads 7, 1711 København K


After 20.00, Råhuset will be charging all guests admission to enter for the Villa Råspåt hip hop concert downstairs.