Juse One New York State Of Mind
Photo: Tommi Rønnqvist

As promised, after five consecutive days of painting, camping and comraderie with some of the world’s best graffiti writers and artists, I have finally completed the most challenging piece in my career. New York State Of Mind is a tribute to some of my favorite hip hop artists from The Empire State. Painted in the classic orange and blue as homage to the NY Knicks, this piece is a blend of potraiture and my letter style. Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G., Mary J. Blige, Big Punisher, KRS One, and Nas composed the “portrait fill” that is revealed by a peeling red and orange solid fill.

Despite the relatively simple elements that compose this piece (faces and letters), the execution of my design was by far the most difficult painting I’ve ever attempted. Here are some shots from the process from start to finish.

No piece is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Even though not all these portraits came out perfectly (or even recognizable – KRS is not 50Cent, no matter how many 18 year olds guess wrong) I still feel like I accomplished something. With that said, I have some thanks to give:
I want to say a special thanks to Lars Pedersen for a phenomenal job in organizing this huge Roskilde graffiti project every year, and for giving me a chance to show and prove in 2011. Thanks to Andreas and Simone for the practical support and helping Lars help us all make art. Many many thanks to Kathrine “Mami” Jørgensen for all the good food this week! I gotta send a big shout out to all my fellow artists on the graffiti team who gave me a lot of great feedback and constant encouragement – Sye of TPA and TC5 from New York, Sket and Sick (and Paulina!) from Amsterdam, Mester, Damn, Reks, Debs, Bomr, Soten, Tiws Debut, Detos, and Sport from Denmark, Chligr from France, and Smug, LovePusher, Kak, Bonzai, Dep, and Tizer from the UK. Special thanks to Andy Seize from London for some much needed color advice in the final hours of painting. Naturally, big ups go to Molotow for making it possible for all of us to paint our pieces with their generous supply of paint. Finally, I could not imagine even attempting to paint something this difficult and mentally straining if I did not have the constant support from my wonderful and loving wife, Kathrine.

As always, stay tuned.


Peace and progress,

Juse One

P.S.: Here is a quick interview I did with PTA from DubCNN. Good looking out for the camera time!