Mary, 2 of 2STREET GALLERY Auction at STREET MEKKA!!  If you missed my paintings at GAM3 Finals, now you can see the collection one more time, and if you see something you like, SET YOUR OWN PRICE!!! That’s right – the STREET GALLERY paintings will be sold via silent auction. All paintings will be sold to the highest bidder at the STREET MEKKA Opening on Saturday October 16. Be There!!!

Over 20 new pieces of artwork, including portraits of many of the world’s most beloved icons in Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul music, will be sold during the STREET GALLERY Auction.  Don’t miss your opportunity to have one of these pieces at a price OF YOUR CHOICE.

The STREET GALLERY Auction will run for two weeks, beginning on Saturday October 16th and ending on Saturday October 30th.  Bids will be accepted at the Street Mekka reception office during the two week auction period.  On October 30th, the highest bidders for each piece will be notified via email to come and pick up their painting at Street Mekka.

Be sure to pick up a copy of the STREET GALLERY Auction Guide at the Street Mekka opening.  After the opening, the Auction Guide will be available in the Street Mekka Reception office during normal hours.  For updates and more details, stay tuned to

Nas: All I Need Is One Mic