Street Gallery is a collection of graffiti and street art portraits created in collaboration with GAM3 and exhibited at StreetMekka.  On the right side of your screen, you can see the Street Gallery Online Auction in the sidebar of this page. Below is the online gallery.  Click the thumbnails to view a larger image of the paintings in the collection.  All works listed are currently for sale in the Street Gallery Online Auction. Nas: One Mic

All bids made at the Street Mekka Opening have been entered into the online auction system, which is now up and running.  As new bids come in on the artwork, bidders will be notified via email.  The auction will end at midnight (24.00) on Saturday, October 30.

When the auction ends, the winners of each piece of artwork will be contacted to make arrangements for payment and pickup.

Take a look at the gallery below to see larger images of the pieces in the Street Gallery Online Auction.

If you wish to see the collection in person, all works are currently on display at StreetMekka, located at Enghavevej 80, 32450 København SV.

For questions, technical issues, or to make an appointment to view the collection in person, please send an email to

Enjoy the auction, and good look bidders!

Peace & Respect,

Juse One