For those of you who don’t know about the latest changes in the film and television industry, HDDSLR cameras have taken the world by storm.  What is an HDDSLR? The answer: “high definition digital single lens reflex.”


Basically, it’s like this: Canon has released a line of professional and semi-professional digital cameras designed to take high resolution still photos, and they also gave these cameras the ability to record high definition video.  Now it all started back in 2008 with Vincent Laforet getting his hands on a Canon 5D Mark II before they were released to the public, and in a weekend he shot a short film that started a revolution in film production.  That film was called Reverie.


Reverie, by Vincent Laforet

Fast forward to 2010, and there is an entire community and movment built around making movies and videos with the Canon 5D, as well as other popular models in the series such as the 7D, the T2i, and the most recent 60D and 600D. The power of social media has made it possible for the community and the learning that is going on worldwide to take place. These cameras represent a 21st century fusion of the tradition of still photography with the latest technology for producing moving images, and they deliver both at an affordable price. Beyond that, the motion picture industry has embraced the movement and the groundbreaking technology behind it. In March of 2010, the Canon 5D was used to shoot the entire season finale of House M.D., currently the most popular television drama in the United States.

The story of these HDDSLR cameras and their impact on film and television is an exciting one, and now you can be a part of it! Starting next week here in Denmark, we are joining the HDDSLR revolution with a brand new course at the Mekkanine School of Street Art in Street Mekka.  Starting March 25th, Street Media will bring the brand new Canon 600D into the classroom, and use it as the camera for instruction on how take great still images, and shoot and edit high quality HD video.  Beyond video production, Street Media will delve into the process of sharing and communicating through social media such as Twitter, Vimeo, and Facebook.  Finally, we will put it all together, and cover in depth how to build and maintain a website by using WordPress, the highly popular and extremely powerful open source content managment platform.

Here is a quick teaser video that shows what Mekkanine has to offer.  Students who sign up for the Street Media class can learn how to create work like this and much much more!

Sign up for Street Media at Street Mekka today! For only kr. 400,- you can learn to shoot and edit video, take high quality still photographs, build dynamic websites with WordPress, and connect the world to your work through social media, and you can learn it all in just 10 weeks!!
Visit for details on all the courses available at The Mekkanine School of Street Art at StreetMekka.

Hope to see you there!
Peace & Respect always,

Juse One