Just got up at the S.U.K.F. BBoy BBQ event out in Solrød Strand yesterday, and I have to say it was a blast!  The folks out there were really excited about the event and the young folks out there were out in force.  They did an amazing job organizing their first event, complete with graffiti walls, dancefloor, stage, a huge bbq pit, and even Royal beer on tap.  I was impressed, to say the least!

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My homie Nik caught this shot – from Instagram

Big props to Mikkel Albrechtsen and all of his friends and volunteers out in Solrød. They were all outstanding! And to everybody who came out to support the first BBoy BBQ event in Solrød, thank you for coming through and showing us so much love.  I got a lot of good vibes and positive feedback while painting, and since I have been on the verge of retirment for a few months now, it means a lot to me.

Well, as always, stay tuned… and if haven’t already, please follow BBoy BBQ on whatever social media you use the most! See you all next year Copenhagen, and Rochester, good luck next week!