Supercutz-Logo-3I’ve been working on a design project for a new barbershop that just opened up here in Copenhagen called SuperCutz. With talented barbers from London and New York, the guys at SuperCutz are bringing in some authentic big city style to Denmark. With a very diverse list young African and international Danes among their clientele, many of whom play sports, I thought that their branding should have somewhat of an athletic feel.

While sketching out some ideas and perusing Behance, I encountered a fantastic new font from designer Paul Reis called PROMESH. Described as “an athletic font”, PROMESH seemed perfect for this project.  I contacted Paul to ask if I could use his font in my design, and he was all too happy to oblige. He has been generous enough to grant a free public license of PROMESH for personal and commercial use. After a bit of work and experimenting, I came up with a set of treatments for the new logo.

Check out the whole project on Behance, and stay tuned later this month as we will be printing promo materials and painting the logo on their wall in the shop. I’ll even be dabbling in a bit of interior design in picking the colors for the all the walls and adding some lighting in the space to set the right atmosphere. More to come soon!