Just finished a 2man wall with Pune out in Rødovre.  We had a good time, and the wall came out nice.  Looking forward to getting back out there again soon. I’m pretty happy with the character too… I think I’m going to keep going in this direction.  Of course, I must give credit to Boris Vallejo for the original imagery.  The reference comes from his 1981 painting entitled First Love. I suppose for a lot of writers, graffiti is a first love or passion, and I think that the spray can in the bubble encapsulates that idea.  This was a good challenge for me visually, and a great excercise for my can control.  I love painting pieces and developing my letter style, but I definitely want to add more of these highly naturalistic characters to future productions.  I’ve got a few new solo productions planned for this month, so as always,  stay tuned!

Pune & Juse in Rødovre

My take on Boris Vallejo’s 1981 painting First Love.