Man oh man… what a weekend.  StreetMekka has finally opened, and we all had the time of our lives celebrating the occasion this past Saturday.  The crowd came out in full force, and we enjoyed a full day of everything StreetMekka has to offer.  The basketball courts were packed all day, as was the indoor football court.  We enjoyed a fantastic Parkour demonstration, and an incredibly imaginative dance performance courtesy of Flowdance Academy.  They followed that up with a captivating dance battle in StreetMekka’s brand new enormous dance studio.

All day long we listened, danced and grooved to great music as DJ Schack, DJ Whut?, Turkman Souljah, Peter Plus, KCL and MC Tia rocked the party.  The lively and charismatic DJ BuddaSauce contolled the mic as the master of ceremonies.  Top notch musical performances by my homies Zaki and Vakili kept the party moving through the afternoon.  They were followed up by Donkey Sound with featured acts Stine Kinck and the super skilled Wafande.  Copenhagen’s own champion DJ Ras Money finished off the performances in style, and as the lights went down, the disco ball began to spin, illuminating a roller disco party that lasted all night.  If you don’t know the names I just mentioned, you need to find out.  I can say with absolutely no doubt that every single one of the musical performances and DJ sets was of the caliber that merits massive fame and respect.  Don’t sleep!

My contribution to StreetMekka as many of you know is a visual arts exhibition aptly named STREET Gallery.  The collection is located on the mezzanine level, and all of the pieces are currently for sale via an auction which (will soon be) up and running right here on  I’m also ecstatic to report that we got some great coverage from Monica Langelund on her blog! Thanks for the good conversation and positive words Monica!

All in all, the StreetMekka opening was one of the best events of 2010, and I am looking forward to watching this space and project progress in the future.  I want to send a huge shout out to Mikkel Gjelstrup and DJ Schack for bringing me into the fold with this project, and as always my fam from GAM3 for all the love and support they put into making StreetMekka the success it is and will continue to be.  Good times are here my friends.  Let’s keep ’em coming.

Stay tuned for more  updates on StreetMekka, STREET Gallery, and loads of new projects I have in the works!