Lesson 2 –  A Worldwide Phenomenon

Key Questions:
How has graffiti spread internationally?
What effects has the internet had on graffiti? Street art?
How have artists changed their methods? What new techniques have been introduced in recent years?
Can artists make a living from graffiti? If so, how?
Why do you think graffiti and street art are so popular?
Do street art and graffiti address social issues?

Main Points

  • Graffiti & media

  • role of the internet in international urban culture

  • economics of art

  • urban art vs. popular culture

Graffiti in Print

Dondi – Photo by Martha Cooper

Books about Graffiti

Subway Art, Spraycan Art


 Graffiti in Film

Wild Style – Directed by Charlie Ahearn, 1983

Style Wars

Graffiti On the Internet



Street Art On the Internet

Obey – Shepard Fairey



 Street Art Utopia